Magistrate Judge Issues Bench Warrant For David Dye For Failure To Appear In Court Monday


Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Catherine Taylor has issued a bench warrant for David Dye after he failed to appear in Court Monday afternoon for a status hearing on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one charge of negligent use of a deadly weapon (discharge) in connection with a January 4 incident at his home on 34th Street in Los Alamos.


Dye has been free on his own recognizance pending trial under extensive pretrial probation conditions. His attorney Hans Voss had requested to appear telephonically for Monday’s hearing but when Dye’s case was called, he was not on the line. Voss said he had spoken to Dye and Dye had indicated to him that “he would not be appearing today”.

Asst. District Attorney Rebecca Ralph said she was concerned that Dye’s response was, “I’m not coming’ and asked for a bench warrant. Voss said he was not in a position to argue against the bench warrant and that Dye had been advised that a warrant could be issued if he didn’t appear in Court.