Our Lady Of The Woods Offers Free Series On Wicca

Our Lady of the Woods

You have probably heard of Wicca, but have you ever wondered what it is really all about?

You are invited to find out, in a free series of introductory classes on Wicca, to be held Wednesday evenings in Los Alamos, weekly from March 29 to April 26. Anyone is welcome to attend either out of simple curiosity, or because you might be interested in becoming involved.

Wicca is a spiritual path that has roots in ancient shamanic practices but is part of the modern Neopagan movement. It is a benign, ethical form of witchcraft, and is recognized as a religion by the U.S. government and the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

The series is sponsored by Our Lady of the Woods, a Wiccan coven serving members in northern New Mexico for over thirty years. Classes will include

·         What Wiccans believe

·         What we do

·         How we live

 As well as basic Wiccan history, connection with nature and ecology, gods and goddesses, magickal practices, ethics, and more.

These classes are offered as a public service. There is no fee for attending, and no obligation of any sort. We will include information for those who may be interested in possible membership.

The classes will meet at the Unitarian Church in Los Alamos, from 7:00 pm until 9:00. The address is 1738 North Sage Street. Light refreshments will be served.

Registration is not required, but it is helpful to RSVP by email at info@ladywoods.org, or if you simply have questions about the program.