Applications Being Accepted For 2023 Kristin Kosiewicz Substance Abuse Awareness Scholarship

Kristin Kosiewicz/Courtesy photo


Stan Kosiewicz and Amy Anderson, hope to raise awareness to the dangers of substance abuse and prevent others from experiencing tragedy with the Kristin Kosiewicz Memorial Scholarship. The family celebrated the work of local students with their first scholarship in 2022. Again, for a second time this year they remind the community that even young people with good and full lives can fall prey to addiction.

“For me it was exceedingly helpful in my grieving process to possibly help another family avoid a similar tragedy,” said father Stan Kosiewicz.  While I could not do anything to help my daughter, Amy and I hope to increase awareness that one pill can kill. The previous period of experimenting with drugs is over because of the exceedingly toxic poison that fentanyl presents.”

The deadline approaches for the scholarship given in Kristin’s name, and while they hope every senior at Los Alamos High School applies, they know that is not possible. However, they want seniors that are considering an application to know that sharing their stories just might be educational about the deadly risks of fentanyl. The journey may also help to educate an entire community, for it was an accidental overdose that took the life of Kristin.

“I would like to see an increase in the number of applicants for the scholarship this year, which has been increased to $2,000,” said Kosiewicz. “Hopefully this might be an indication of increased awareness of the dangers of substance abuse.”

Last year was a learning process for Stan and wife Amy. The applications brought tears as well as an eye-opening reality of things happening in the life of our community youth. They spent the next year speaking with law enforcement, educators, behavioral health specialists, and community parents. By listening to the community as well as Bernalillo County and Albuquerque, they have gleaned extensive information on the realities of fentanyl.

The Kristin Kosiewicz Memorial Scholarship continues to collect donations to further the remembrance. Questions about deadlines and requirements can be directed to Jenny McCumber with the LAPS Foundation, at (505) 500-6501. This scholarship deadline approaches and can also be found in the LAPS scholarship packet.

Editor’s note: Kristin Kosiewicz, a 1993 graduate of Los Alamos High School, passed away on September 26, 2021. She was an exceptional athlete, a talented artist, and a confident and adventurous world traveler.  Kristin enjoyed all things nature and loved to explore the outdoors.