County: Donut Miss This Creative Oppor-Tuna-Tea


You butter believe it! The Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is holding a poster contest with the theme “Conservation in the Kitchen.” Not finding much on the internet, we’ve decided to go down the path of yeast resistance and tap into our local creative community. Give us something to taco ‘bout! 

Four classes of submission are available for entry: educational/informative adult (16 years old and up); educational/informative youth; creative adult (16 years old and up); and creative youth. Contestants must live or work at a property billed for utilities serviced by DPU and may only win one category. Submitted entries will be scored on incorporating theme, overall visual appeal and messaging, and appropriateness for public space. 

Let’s cut to the cheese. Winning submissions will be transformed into movie-sized posters to display in the kitchen space that will house the new, full-size demonstration induction stove at the Community Center in White Rock. This meeting space is available for the public to rent for meetings, gatherings and the like. Want to try out the full stove unit at your next knitting gathering? Lettuce hook you up by calling the Fuller Lodge Reservations Office at 505-662-8405 to get your thyme on the books. 

Interpretations must be delivered to the DPU office by 5 pm on Fry Day, March 31. Alternatively, submissions may also be submitted with the online entry form found at Water you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and let’s see what you can cook up! 

Questions? Call Abbey at 505-663-1779 or email at