County: Camp May Road Traffic Control Operations In Place Beginning Feb. 21


Highway Supply, LLC will have traffic control operations in place in two locations near the top of Camp May Road beginning February 21 through March 7 for event activity management. The road will remain open during the duration of the project; however, traffic will need to be prepared to stop for intermittent flagging operations. 

The operation will start 750 yards before the lower Townsite Lift pullout and continue to the first entrance to the Pajarito Mountain Ski Hill parking lots. A flagging operation will be in place, with assistance from the police department as needed.  

Motorists and bicyclists are asked to continue through the traffic control area. No stopping, standing, or parking on the shoulder will be permitted. Hours of operation will vary. Traffic is reminded to slow down and use caution in the area. Remember to watch for snow equipment in the roadway.  

Questions regarding this project can be directed to Michael Dix at 504-220-7752.