Piñon Elementary School In White Rock Celebrates Kindness

Pinon Elementary School’s new mascot Pricilla Panther meets second grade teacher Laura Herman who was selected by students to ‘Kiss the Goat’ for the popular Pinon PTO fundraiser. Courtesy photo

Pinon Elementary School Principal Ivanna Austell opens a special Kindness Assembly for students Tuesday. Courtesy photo

Scene from Pinon Elementary School’s Kindness Assembly Tuesday. Courtesy photo


Pinon School celebrated Valentine’s Day Tuesday with a Kindness Assembly. This is part of our school vision to “Be Kind and Learn,” and this year’s overall theme of “See the Good, Be the Good.”

Involved in this kindness drive is Pinon’s Student Council led by Bonnie James and Valerie Waterbury, as well as the Student Wellness Committee led by Gio Garofalo. 

Principal Ivanna Austell opened the assembly and was assisted by Assistant Principal Jennifer Kieltyka and Guidance Counselor Yvette Byers.

During this event students got to meet their new school mascot, Pricilla Panther, and celebrate an annual PTO Fundraiser called “Kiss the Goat.” Students paid a dollar to vote for their favorite teacher to kiss a goat in front of the school. The winner of this year’s contest was 2nd grade teacher Laura Herman.

The brave goat joins Pinon Elementary School students at their Kindness Assembly to participate in the PTO’s ‘Kiss the Goat’ fundraiser. Courtesy photo