LAPD Warns Community About New Phone Scam


The Los Alamos Police Department would like to warn the community about a new scam.  Officers have received reports that individuals are getting called from Express Scripts asking for personal identifying information such as birthdates and Social Security numbers.    

In December, many LANL retirees were notified that Smith’s/Kroger Pharmacies would no longer be affiliated with Express Scripts because of a breakdown in contract negotiations over medical prescription prices.  Scam artists are using this information to try and get information from those affected.  Phone calls are made to our citizens pretending to be an Express Scripts representative stating they can explain how Express Scripts could work best for the customer.  The representative will state they cannot provide the information about how Express Scripts could help without personal identifiable information.  

Because so many people in Los Alamos County are affected by this contract rift between Smith’s/Kroger and Express Scripts, we would like the community to be aware of this possible scam.  If you have a question about Express Scripts and the areas they cover, please reach out to them directly. 

If you believe you are a victim of a crime, call LAPD at (505) 662-8222, or stop by the Department at 2500 Trinity Drive.