Family Strengths Network Offers Five Things To Do On Saturdays

Children and parents have lots of activities to choose from on Saturday mornings at Family Strengths Network. Photo Courtesy FSN

Doing some craft work Saturday morning at Family Strengths Network. Photo Courtesy FSN


Five things to do at Family Strengths Network on Saturdays are: STEAM activities, Lego club, crafts, toy library and resource library

1-Adventures in STEAM

Fun for kids. Easy for parents. Newton’s laws of motion, fizzing chemical reactions, and engineering challenges are some of the STEAM concepts that are explored for preschool and early elementary children. Happening Saturday after 2nd Wednesday.

2-Lego Club

Why all the Lego clubs? Besides practicing sharing and turn-taking, Lego building provides opportunities for problem solving, spatial awareness, creativity and experimentation, and focus and concentration. Happening Saturday after 1st Wednesday.


So, you don’t want glitter and paint all over the house? Crafting with kids is an opportunity to work on fine motor skills, discover shapes and textures, and spend quality time with your peeps. You provide the kids. We provide the crafts. Happening Saturday after 3rd Wednesday.

4-Toy Library

Reclaim your space and use FSN’s toy lending library for short-lived children’s toys, puzzles, games and gear! Their toy lending library has 900+ items available FREE for checkout for two weeks, then renew your Lincoln Logs or borrow our ninja course, mini tramp, blocks, or dolls. Available whenever FSN is open.

5-Resource Library

Raising children is not for the faint of heart. FSN’s Beth Ladino Family Resource Library has hundreds of books specifically chosen to help you raise the children in your life, including those who are gifted and those with special needs, raising children and teens, figuring out divorce and grief. Available whenever FSN is open.

FSN is located near the high school at 3540 Orange Street in Los Alamos. 


We are closed on holiday weekends and during most school breaks.

FSN is a United Way of Northern New Mexico Community Partner.