LAPS: School Board Meets Jan. 10, Appoints Sondra Wyman To Represent District 5

Sondra Wyman, far left, was unanimously appointed to the Los Alamos Public Schools Board Jan. 10. Also pictured are from left, Board vice president Ellen Specter, President Antonio Jaurigue, Member Melanis Colgan and Secretary Christine Bernstein. Photo Courtesy LAPS


The Los Alamos Public Schools Board met Jan. 10 for its first meeting of 2023. 

School Board members unanimously approved the selection of Sondra Wyman to fill the District 5 vacancy on the board. Mrs. Wyman was then officially sworn into her seat by the Honorable Judge Elizabeth Allen. After a brief vote, officer positions were decided as follows: Board President, Antonio Jaurigue; Vice President, Ellen Specter; Secretary, Christine Bernstein; Board Member, Melanie Colgan; Board Member, Sondra Wyman. 

Board members were assigned to participate on a variety of committees as board representatives for the remainder of the 2022 – 2023 school year. Here are the assigned roles:

LAPS Foundation – Melanie Colgan

Budget, Fiance and Audit  – Christine Bernstein, Antonio Jaurigue and Sondra Wyman

JJAB – Melanie Colgan

LAC/LAPS/UNMLA Executive Leadership – Christine Bernstein and Ellen Specter

New Mexico School Board Association Excellence in Student Achievement Award Committee Appointment – Antonio Jaurigue and Sondra Wyman

Native American Parent Advisory Committee – Antonio Jaurigue

Facilities Master Plan Work Group – Christine Bernstein and Sondra Wyman

Policy Review Committee – Ellen Specter and Sondra Wyman

Project Steering Committee for North Mesa – Christine Bernstein and Melanie Colgan

Bond/HB 33 Committee – Antonio Jaurigue and Ellen Specter

Equity Council – Melanie Colgan

White Rock Construction Planning – Antonio Jaurigue and Ellen Specter

Calendar – Christine Bernstein

Superintendent Evaluation – Christine Bernstein and Sondra Wyman

Strategic Plan – Christine Bernstein

Next, the School Board approved the bond resolution which authorizes the issuance and sale of General Obligation bonds in the amount of $10 million. 

Acting Superintendent Jennifer Guy gave an overview of the LAPS legislative priorities for the upcoming 2023 session. The top priority is to amend the capital outlay act to reduce local matching requirements. Currently, LAPS is responsible for 80% funding while the state pays 20% for capital outlay projects.

Other priorities include increasing staff compensation so that New Mexico remains regionally competitive; supporting local decision making for school boards; and increased funding for professional development and expanding inclusive learning environments that incorporate culturally and linguistically responsive and relevant curricula and practices.

Following a closed executive session, the School Board accepted the resignation of Dr. Jose Delfin as superintendent of Los Alamos Public Schools and unanimously approved a resignation agreement which allows Dr. Delfin the ability to pursue other interests and permits the Board to pursue hiring another Superintendent. The Board and Dr. Delfin have entered into the Agreement believing it is in their respective best interests and in the best interests of the District.

School Board members are scheduled to attend a strategic planning overview Zoom meeting with Dr. Robyn Jackson on Thursday, Jan.19. The next School Board meeting will be held at Aspen Elementary School on Thursday, January 26 starting at 5:30 pm.