County: Electric Vehicles Charger Prep Work To Affect Municipal Building Parking Starting Tuesday

The portion of Iris Street enclosed in yellow in the above photo will be impacted by work in the northeast corner of the Municipal Building parking lot. Photo courtesy LAC


 In preparation for the installation of a Level 3 EV fast charger in front of the Los Alamos County Municipal Building, a portion of the parking lot and a section of sidewalk on Iris St. will be closed for potholing operations beginning Tuesday. The work is expected to be completed no later than Friday, Jan. 20.

A Department of Public Utilities (DPU) contractor will be doing the work in the northeast corner of the parking lot where parking spaces sandwich the sidewalk on the south side of Iris Street. Pedestrians are asked to use the sidewalk on the other side of the street while the work is being conducted.

There are currently three Level 2 charge ports at the Municipal Building which were installed when the building was constructed in an initiative to obtain LEED certification. DPU received grant funding awarded through a Volkswagen settlement to install two Level 3 chargers in the county. The other charger is being installed at the White Rock Visitors Center.

Once installed, use of the Level 3 charger will require a ChargePoint account, through which users will be charged a fee of $0.30/kWh. This fee is equivalent to the one established by the New Mexico General Services Department for several DC fast chargers in Santa Fe.

DPU officials anticipate the White Rock Level 3 fast charger to be installed within the next 4-to-8 weeks. Timing for the installation of the charger at the Los Alamos County Municipal Building can’t be estimated until the potholing work is completed.