County Parks Division Announces Stables Lot Reallocation Draw Process


Los Alamos County Community Services Department (CSD) kicks-off the North Mesa Stables lot reallocation draw process next week. The random draw selection process includes a registration period, followed by the draw itself. Interested patrons can submit registration forms beginning Jan. 9.

The North Mesa Stables area is public land owned by Los Alamos County. Separate stable lots are individually licensed to residents on an annual basis, but the improvements on each lot are owned by the licensee. Los Alamos County has three lots – 48, 115, and 143 – which improvements and associated lot licenses will be made available through the draw process. Information on each lot and the registration paperwork can be found on the County’s website under North Mesa Stable Reallocation Draw.

All interested patrons will be required to complete a registration form (found at the link above) indicating which lot they would like to be entered for as part of a random draw selection process. Only Los Alamos County residents are eligible. The form will need to be submitted to CSD for review by Jan. 31. Forms can be emailed to: or dropped off/mailed to: Aquatic Center, Attn: Stable Draw, 2760 Canyon Road, Los Alamos, NM  87544

All registration forms received will be acknowledged by email with a registration number. Interested patrons will only be eligible for one stable lot through the draw process, even if they don’t currently have an existing stable lot.

The draw will occur in Council Chambers Feb 16, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. Registered patrons do not need to be present during the draw, but the chosen entry must be available to begin the process the next day. All sales agreements and paperwork will need to be completed within 14 days. Each lot will have a backup entry drawn in the event the first patron is unable to fulfill the agreement and paperwork within the 14 days.

For more information, please contact CSD staff at or call 505-662-8159.