County: New Year, New Opinions – DPU Kicks Off Annual ‘Voice Of The Customer’


The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is kicking off 2023 with the launch of its now annual Voice of the Customer Survey to measure customer satisfaction and engagement in areas like quality, reliability and service.

Begun a year ago, the Voice of the Customer is being conducted by GreatBlue Research via internet and telephone. It will be sent to a randomly selected group of utility account holders first by email and later by phone. The information gathered will provide benchmarks for comparison to other utility providers. GreatBlue will analyze the data and provide recommendations to DPU for improvement of overall service to customers.

DPU runs a year-round transactional survey as well which pertains to specific business interactions. That survey is provided to customers who have had recent contacts with DPU and Customer Care Center staff. The Voice of the Customer Survey is broader in scope and targets multiple aspects of DPU as a utility service provider.

In the 2022 Voice of the Customer Survey, results showed there was room for improvement in providing customers with information about and methods for conserving electricity, gas and water. Since that time, DPU has added a full-time Water and Energy Conservation Coordinator who aims to fill that need.

“The information we are able to glean from our surveys is important in helping us see any potential gaps so that we can remedy them,” said Utility Manager Philo Shelton. “Both surveys give us great insight into our service. Where we’re successful, we want to continue to improve and where we’re not succeeding, we absolutely want to make corrections.”

Prior to 2022, DPU conducted a customer survey every two years. The annual Voice of the Customer Survey replaced that effort. It will be conducted online from Jan. 3 through Jan. 24, and then by phone from Jan. 23 through Feb. 6. DPU’s transactional survey is conducted on an ongoing basis at the URL

with data collected and summarized quarterly.