County: Open Participation Community Survey Launches Today


Los Alamos County, in partnership with its contractor National Research Center (NRC), began its biennial Community Survey in early December with a valid sample mailing to 2,500 randomly selected households throughout Los Alamos and White Rock. Jan. 2 the Open Participation survey begins, allowing all Los Alamos County citizens to share their feedback. The survey aims to provide a comprehensive picture of citizen perspectives on community livability.

The Open Participation period is extended to all citizens and businesses to augment the responses from the valid sample mailing. All the questions are the same, with three exceptions:

  • Citizens are asked to select the neighborhood where they live (you do not need to live in Los Alamos County to take the survey),
  • Question 14 includes the 2022 Council priority areas, instead of the 2021 Council priority areas, and
  • Citizens are asked to provide their zip code and email address (providing your email address is not required but is encouraged to allow for follow-up).

The Open Participation survey is available here:

To date, NRC has received 523 responses from the valid sample mailing, with 191 responses coming from the paper survey. To ensure it’s received in time, County officials recommend returning the paper survey by Jan. 9.

The Community Survey closes for everyone at midnight on Jan. 15. All paper copies of the survey must be received by then.

For more information or any questions, contact Leslie Bucklin at 505-663-1726 or email