Dignity Mission: Immigrant Children In Juarez Receive Homemade Bags Filled With Toys, Treats And Necessities

Immigrant children in Ciudad Juarez show their enthusiasm at receiving homemade fabric bags created and filled for them by volunteers at the United Church. Courtesy photo

An immigrant child reaches out for one of the colorful homemade fabric bags made and filled by volunteers at the United Church for distribution in Ciudad Juarez. Courtesy photo


As reported in a recent news release, Los Alamos volunteers gathered at the United Church and packed 217 colorful homemade fabric bags with toys for immigrant children in Ciudad Juarez to be distributed to facilities which house immigrants waiting for their asylum hearings.  These are mainly immigrants from Central America, who are seeking asylum in the US because of life threatening conditions in their homeland.  Among the asylum seekers in Juarez are many nationalities including those fleeing the Ukraine.

On December 28, we received photos sent from Juarez of children receiving those bags filled with toys, treats and necessities. It is not often that feedback gets back so quickly, if at all, to the faithful.

We just want to share these photos with our community here in Los Alamos as a Christmastide blessing. Thank you!