County: Pre-Storm Tree Trimming Happening Now


Tree trimming coordinated by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is occurring now before the forecasted winter storm to reduce the chance of weather-related power outages. The effort is focused on and near the intersection of 43rd Street and Urban Street in North Community.

Southwest Fire Defense & Tree Services is under contract with DPU to trim tree branches growing around power lines. The company has been mitigating hazards and power outages through tree trimming in Los Alamos throughout 2022.

DPU’s electric distribution staff are responsible for identifying branches that need attention. Trees are trimmed only if they are in the right-of-way or on utility easements for power lines. While DPU’s list of hazard branches covers the whole county, the current operation’s location is the top priority right now and other areas will be addressed in the future.

The tree trimming effort reduces the number and scope of power outages by removing branches and trees that are either too close to power lines or pose a risk of falling on power lines. This initiative, coupled with an aggressive operation and maintenance program, supports DPU’s Electric Reliability Plan.

It is important to note that not all lines above houses in Los Alamos and White Rock are electric power lines. The tree trimming effort focuses only on branches growing into power lines, not other types of cables that may be strung between poles.