County: Restrooms Unavailable At East, Piñon, Rover And Overlook Parks This Winter 


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Los Alamos County Parks Division will not have restroom facilities available this winter at East, Piñon, Rover, and Overlook Parks. The porta potties that service those areas during the colder months are being removed due to vendor complications. 

Parks Superintendent Wendy Parker explains, “The company that owns those porta potties has gone out of business, and with so many companies struggling, we cannot find anyone to service them.” 

The Parks Division closes the permanent restroom facilities during the colder months to winterize the facilities and turn off the water. The porta potties have been in place to continue to provide public restroom services during those months. However, since the pandemic, securing porta potties and services for them has been a significant challenge. 

Public restrooms are available at the White Rock Branch Library and the White Rock Visitor Center in proximity of Piñon Park, and at the Los Alamos County Animal Shelter next to East Park; however, in the case of Rover and Overlook Parks, restrooms will not be available in the area until spring. The permanent restroom facilities are scheduled to reopen in April 2023.