LAPS Acting Superintendent Jennifer Guy Announces District Leadership Changes For The New Year

Carter Payne/Photo by Maire O’Neill


Los Alamos Public Schools Acting Supt. Jennifer Guy on Tuesday announced several personnel changes in an email to parents and staff.

Los Alamos High School Principal will move to the district office in January as Assistant Superintendent. LAHS Asst. Principal Renee Dunwoody will take the LAHS Principal position. Dean of Students Suzanne Montoya will take the Asst. Principal’s position. Mike Johnson will continue in his role as Topper Freshman Academy Principal.

There is no information available on the status of Supt. Jose Delfin who is out on administrative for an undetermined period of time.

Guy’s email is included below:

As the Acting Superintendent, it is important to me that we are able to provide the best service to schools and make sure we can support teaching and learning. We will continue to provide an outstanding education to our students. In order to do this, LAHS Principal Carter Payne has agreed to become the Assistant Superintendent. He is looking forward to being able to use his knowledge and experience to support schools across the district. Mr. Payne will begin transitioning into this role in January. We are all committed to making sure that this is a positive change with minimal disruption to the high school. Mr. Payne will still be a visible presence at the high school.

Renee Dunwoody has agreed to become the LAHS Principal. She has been at LAHS for the past 10 years and has served as the assistant principal for the past 7 years. She brings a great deal of knowledge and experience to the role. She is an outstanding principal who will lead with passion and love for students. Principal Mike Johnson will continue as the Topper Freshman Academy Principal. Dean of Students Suzanne Montoya will be taking on the Assistant Principal duties. Although this may sound like a lot of change, I am confident that this team will continue to provide excellent leadership for Los Alamos High School and the district as a whole.

I wish you a wonderful, restful winter break. Happy Holidays!