How To Switch Your Prescriptions Managed By Express Scripts To Automatic Home Delivery


The recent decision by Smith’s Pharmacy to discontinue accepting ExpressScripts prescriptions (the company that LANL uses) has caused confusion and frustration for some of us. I managed to make the switch from Smith’s pick-up to mail order by a phone call to ExpressScripts but it took me about an hour.  I think that you can do this on-line a lot faster.  If you are a LANL employee or your employer uses ExpressScripts, you will already have an account and they will have a list of all of your medications.

You may have to set up a password so that you can log into your account at (  From the login HOME page, you can select the MY MEDICATIONS tab and specify which medications that you wish to have delivered.  There is also a link on the HOME page under “Skip the trip with Express Scripts® Pharmacy delivery”.  ExpressScripts will contact your doctor(s) and request the prescriptions via eScripts.  Setting this up for automatic refills may also require a call to your doctor’s office.  For most of my prescriptions, the price was significantly lower than at Smith’s.