Santa Mailbox Has Appeared In Front Of Pet Pangaea, LLC Where You Can Mail Your Letter To Santa

Pet Pangaea LLC owner Cyndi Wells stands beside a Santa mailbox that has appeared in front of the store. Courtesy photo


Pet Pangaea LLC is excited to announce that a Santa mailbox has appeared in front of their store. Pet Pangaea LLC is a local pet supply store offering high-quality pet food and supplies, located  in Los Alamos, NM. Known for its 24/7 client service, Pet Pangaea is a staple of the community.  

Pet Pangaea Gets a Holiday Makeover 

A little-known fact about Pet Pangaea is its close relationship with Santa. Santa buys food for  his reindeers every single year, and Dasher (the picky eater among the bunch) will only eat  timothy hay from this store. (He seems to think it tastes fresher than most.) Every year Santa  chooses a Santa mailbox location for all the children, pets, and adults. Pet Pangaea is proud to  announce that they!ve been chosen again as this year!s Santa mailbox location! 

Owner Cyndi Wells arrived to find the mailbox this morning, along with a letter from the North  Pole explaining how the mailbox works. She expressed her enthusiasm at Santa!s decision saying that she is #honored that we were again selected as a Santa mailbox location.” 

How Does the Mailbox Work? 

Pets, adults, and children simply have to write their letter to Santa, and drop it in the mailbox  located in front of the store at 158 Central Park Square in Los Alamos, NM. If a return address is  included, those who send letters may receive a response in the mail! The mailbox will be  available until Dec. 24. 

The Elves have a small request. Since they are conserving their magic to make all the  wonderful gifts for good pets, children, and adults, they won’t be sending the response letters via magic. Therefore, all the response letters will be sent via USPS. If you’d like a response from Santa by Christmas, please drop it into the Santa mailbox before or on Dec. 14 so there’s enough time for response letters to arrive in a timely manner. (Mail carriers often also take a break at Santa’s place since Mrs. Clause always offers some of her famous frosted sugar cookies and hot chocolate.) 

Santa and the Elves are working hard for all the good boys and girls (and pets) this year.  They’re looking forward to receiving and reading many letters. As Santa is known to say, “Receiving mail from boys and girls always makes me so jolly.” 

Other Holiday Fun 

If you drop off a letter for Santa at the mailbox location, please feel free to stop into Pet  Pangaea LLC. Pet Pangaea is open 7 days a week: Monday – Friday from 10 am to 7 pm,  Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday from noon to 6 pm. Pet Pangaea has wonderful gift options for all sorts of pets from chickens to dogs to rabbits, as well as great gifts for humans  who love pets. It’s definitely worth checking out! A nice gift that the shop recommends is a gift card for the friend you have that is the best and most caring Pet Mom or Dad- they’ll be sure to appreciate it. You can also order for delivery or curbside pickup at http:// 

For more information, please feel free to contact Cyndi and the crew at  or phone 505-661-1010, or check out Pet Pangaea’s social media on Facebook and Instagram.