Enrollment Now Open At Dragonfly Playhouse Daycare In White Rock


Dragonfly Playhouse Daycare (DPD) is a learning center located in White Rock, NM with three classrooms of students ranging in age from 6 weeks up to 5 years. They strive to accommodate White Rock, Los Alamos, and surrounding area commuter families with the quality care they deserve.

Dragonfly Playhouse began in 2015 with owner Lauren Lippiatt as a personal nanny before growing into an in-home daycare serving six families, and then in October 2021 expanding to meet the ever-growing needs of the community with a location serving up to 48 children. Lippiatt shares, “At DPD, we believe in the value and uniqueness of each child and family we serve. Our learning center experience is designed to promote each child’s own individual social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. As caregivers and educators, our mission is to provide a safe and developmentally appropriate learning environment, which fosters a child’s natural instinct to explore, discover, create, and become a lifelong learner.”

Lippiatt also shared her belief that in the right environment, a child’s natural curiosity and creativity can lead to endless opportunities to grow in knowledge and develop a love of learning. DPD provides this environment by making it a safe and nurturing place where your child will be encouraged to build, splash, dash, pretend and create their way to exciting discoveries about the world around them. DPD allows children to join as a newborn and continue until they are five years old and ready to move into elementary school. Each day at the learning center is a chance for a child to grow socially, cognitively, emotionally, and physically. As early as infancy, children are provided with learning opportunities adapted to fit to his or her age, developmental stage, and learning style. Full-day, year-round care makes it possible for parents to provide their child with the attention and education to help them become happy, healthy lifelong learners.