LAPS Implementing ‘Enhanced Strategies’ To Limit Spread Of Illness In Schools

Los Alamos Public Schools

Covid levels in Los Alamos County are High according to the CDC. Los Alamos Public Schools are committed to keeping our schools and community safe. Therefore, LAPS will need to implement enhanced strategies to limit the spread of illness in our schools, which include:

  • Spacing students out when possible in class and at lunch 
  • Limiting large group gatherings
  • Holding meetings virtually when possible
  • Encouraging mask wearing and hand washing 
  • limiting the use of shared supplies and materials
  • limiting non-essential visitors at schools and in classrooms 

Families, please help us keep our students and staff healthy by keeping your children home if they are sick. Notify your school nurse if anyone in your household tests positive for Covid 19. 

For more information about Covid 19: