Time To Refocus

White Rock


Now that the election has passed, it is time to shift the focus to the business at hand rather than continuing to harp on candidates that did not win their election. If we continue to go down this path, we destroy any good will and credibility we have in the community. Democrats may have won all four Council seats, but the numbers showed that there is plenty of trust that needs to be earned on some fronts.

This must start with the nuisance code. The first order of business should be pushing the vote on the nuisance code to after the new year. This allows more time to get public feedback on the clearly problematic final draft. The issues with the nuisance code revision cross party lines and taking the time to get this decision right by getting more feedback from the public gives Council a chance to get this decision right. I even encourage Councilors to reach out to the major parties and work out opportunities to solicit feedback. These small actions can build a bit of good will from the community that feels ignored IF that feedback is taken seriously and heeded when the vote does happen.

Let’s get back to focusing on business. I understand this election season was taxing, and there was a lot of mudslinging. Now that the election is over, it is time to move past that and get back to business. We cannot continue to stay in the trenches like this, as it erodes any good that can be done. Let’s refocus and start pushing for a better Los Alamos. There is a lot of work to be done, and we can only make progress by focusing on the path forward.