Time To Rebuild The Republican Party In Los Alamos County

White Rock

In spite of some successes the Republican Party had at the national level this year, the Republican Party of Los Alamos (RPLA) has stagnated and declined at the local level. It’s not because of electoral integrity. During the last two weeks I worked at two different polling locations, became familiar with the processes, and spent the last three days of the election counting absentee ballots. Our Los Alamos County Clerk’s office is professional, non-partisan, and absolutely free from any form of fraud or corruption. Our poll workers are the same.

However, RPLA has other problems. Here’s a graph demonstrating the decline of Republican voter registration over the last 21 years.

Graph prepared by David Hampton

Lower voter registration and lack of success in local elections are symptoms of a poorly articulated message and tarnished image. Again, it’s not about electoral integrity. It’s not even about the Republican Platform. It’s not about changing demographics either.

Republicans need to increase their positive engagement with the community. Republicans are under-represented on county boards and commissions as well as non-profits and other community boards. Those who want to run for public office or lead the party should start there. Los Alamos County Clerk Naomi Maestas’ term ends in two years and she can’t run again. If you want to replace her, maybe you should get some experience in the County Clerk’s office first. They currently have two openings.

The past is the past. RPLA needs new faces, a new approach, and a better articulated message. If you would like to rebuild the local Republican Party, so that it actively works together with and values those of different ideologies and worldviews for a better community, please consider attending the RPLA biennial meeting this January. This is where RPLA elects officers to represent local Republicans and organizes party activities for the next 2 years. 

Remember that electoral success will not come overnight. It will take years of hard work to turn things around. As you see in the graph, it took years to get to where RPLA is now.

If you are interested and need more information, please contact me. If you are not currently registered as a Republican but would like to participate, please register this month so the voter rolls can be updated in time for January.

You can reach me at dehampton@comcast.net or (505) 412-2969.