Ryti: Thank You Los Alamos County


I am humbled to have been re-elected to continue serving as one of your Los Alamos County Councilors. I look forward to working with others elected Tuesday night: Theresa Cull, Melanee Hand, and Suzie Havemann and those still serving on Council to address our priorities. I heard the priorities of many citizens during the campaign, and I want to continue to hear from you over the next four years.

I thank all of the candidates for running. They are all community minded people who presented proposals to address problems or made recommendations for the betterment of Los Alamos.

I thank all my supporters. Those that voted for me, made contributions, hosted yard signs, or wrote endorsement letters. Special thanks go to my key campaign supporters: Jane Lin, John McCann, Brittany St. Jacques Dowd, and especially my wife Wendy Swanson.  Wendy helped me canvass and talk to voters and provided moral support during the long campaign season.