Rep. Christine Chandler: Thank You Los Alamos Voters

Rep. Christine Chandler/Photo by Maire O’Neill

NM District 43

Thank you Los Alamos voters, for your incredible turn-out and your unequivocal support for democratic principles. Our Clerk’s Office managed a smooth and professional election.  Kudos to Clerk Maestas.  You and your staff made us proud. 

All our local candidates deserve credit for their willingness to serve our community.  They campaigned hard and gave us clear choices with their visions for our future. Congratulations to those who prevailed.  Newly elected County Councilors, Suzie Havemann, Theresa Cull, Randy Ryti and Melanee Hand deserve our support moving forward.  They are honest, thoughtful people who will do their best to serve our interests.

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you again. The state faces many challenges.  I am committed to finding solutions, listening carefully, and advocating for outcomes that serve our collective good.