Response To ‘We Support The Current Democratic Platform Over The Republican Platform’

Los Alamos

Dear Editor:  

I am writing in response to the recent letter to the editor,  “We Support the Current Democratic Platform over the Republican Platform.”    

Let’s start with this.  Under Democratic leadership and control, the small business community in our state and our county has been shattered.  The authors here cannot say, “See how our small business community is thriving and growing under the current Democratic platform.”   We do know that our County Council has been extremely hostile towards small business owners.  Specific examples have been given.

1.   Healthcare:  Doctors and nurses simply won’t accept lower wages and longer hours under a single payer system. Do we really want to lose more health care providers amid a doctor shortage in New Mexico?  In January 2022, legislation to create single payer healthcare in California failed to pass.  Thank goodness!  The California Chamber of Commerce opposed this bill due to “crippling tax increases” and its “job-killing” effect.  The California Medical Association opposed single payer health care stating, “It will disrupt people’s health care at the worst possible time…It will force all 40 million Californians into a new, untested state government program and will prohibit them from being able to choose private coverage even if they want it.”  

2.   Affordable housing:   I personally believe that there have been good ideas proposed with the best of intentions from our County Council candidates.  There have been no “deal breakers” on this issue from any.  Our newly elected County Councilors would need to work together to move their ideas forward.   

3.  Social Security:   Under the Biden administration, inflation and increased cost of living are crushing our senior citizens. President Biden’s inflation is harming our Social Security reserves, not Republicans.   

4.  Minimum Wage:  It’s hard to believe that small business owners would welcome more government mandates.  In Los Alamos, the vast majority already get paid far above minimum wage.  But there’s no doubt that a mandatory wage increase would force smaller “Mom and Pop” businesses to close.  We have fewer choices than ever when it comes to dining out.  Do we really want to lose more restaurants?  Did you know that Amazon and Big Business lobby for minimum wage hikes and other costly labor mandates to kill their competitors?

5.  Taxes:  The Republican platform supports lower taxes for small businesses, which have largely benefited from the tax cuts

6.  Public Internet:  On May 20, 2021, House Republicans announced the American Broadband Act to expand broadband access.  “By relying on a light-touch regulatory environment and targeted investments, rather than cumbersome government-run networks, we will ensure reliable, affordable access for the communities who need it most.”   In contrast, the $100 billion Biden broadband plan imposes new burdens on broadband providers and brings “more regulation, higher taxes, and worse service.”  See a pattern here?  

7.  Elections:   Republicans support common sense election integrity laws. 

Small business owners and the working class care about the economy, inflation, and crime, and the current Democratic Party Platform has failed on all  counts.