NMDGF: Moose Spotted Near Mora

A young bull moose that was recently spotted near Mora. Photo courtesy NMDGF


A young bull moose has been seen near Mora, and, based on photographs, officers suspect this may be the same moose spotted in Questa and on Taos Pueblo last month. This is the southernmost known sighting of a moose in New Mexico. 

There have been approximately a half dozen confirmed sightings of moose in New Mexico over the past 10 years, mostly of younger males in search of new habitat and breeding opportunities. Females have been observed in New Mexico as well, but there is no indication that moose are becoming established here nor are they expected to become established here in the future.

Moose require a cool climate and wetland habitat next to rivers and streams. Colorado has more suitable moose habitat, generally encouraging moose to return to Colorado after venturing into New Mexico.

Moose are a protected game animal in the state of New Mexico. New Mexico does not have an open hunting season for moose, and it is unlawful to harvest them in the state. This moose is presently safe and appears healthy. It is not in a location where it is causing a threat to public safety; however, the department reminds residents that moose can be dangerous and should not be approached for any reason.