Ryti: My Approach

Democratic Candidate for
Los Alamos County Council

While talking to voters last weekend, one man asked, “What is your approach?” I appreciated the opportunity to provide a high-level summary of my approach to being a Councilor that represents the community and makes decisions that reflect our values.

For issues with a variety of opinions or options, I like to get as much input as possible before the Council meeting and listen carefully to the technical questions posed by my fellow Councilors and the answers from County staff. I also read all emails sent to Council, letters to the editor, and comments posted on social media. Comments made by the public prior to Council considering a motion is a part of local government that I highly value. 

Before every Council meeting, I study the extensive agenda package that I receive from County staff. Based on the information presented in the Council meeting package and comments or concerns raised to me by constituents, I’ll make notes of questions I plan to ask, or pros/cons of the action being considered. I do not draft my comments ahead of the meeting given that not all information is available until Council has opened the item for discussion.

I have appreciated everyone that had time to talk about County issues in 2018 and the years since while I have served on Council and during this election season. Please vote for me so that I can continue serving the community.