The United Church Of Los Alamos Celebrates 75th Anniversary Nov. 5 & 6

The United Church of Los Alamos as it looked circa 1952. Courtesy photo

Present day. Courtesy photo


Looking forward to the future, The United Church of Los Alamos celebrates 75 years of united Christian witness this weekend. Retired pastor the Reverend Kathleen Logan will be in the pulpit for the worship service Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Located in the 2500 block of Canyon Road, across from Aquatic Center and Nature Center, the congregation invites the community to join in the celebration. 

Starting in the former military chapel in the quickly developing town of Los Alamos, the young population of the “Secret City” was drawn into the concept of Christians united in worship, witness, and service. On November 6, 1947, the ecumenical venture was formally chartered under the leadership of Rev. Abram Sangrey and endorsed by the Federal Council of Churches. One hundred and eighty-six residents signed the original membership role, and it grew both in numbers and in spiritual development. 

For more information and to link to the streamed 9:30 a.m. worship service, please visit  In-person visits are most welcome, too.