I’ll Be Active For Change

Libertarian Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

It’s been encouraging to hear people say they’re voting for me, and not just Libertarians. It also makes the responsibility much more real for me. I put together a video (https://youtu.be/XIj9qg1u5MM) tying what I love about Los Alamos, what a lot of us want it to be, and a list of things you can hold me accountable to do to get there. I didn’t want to share it because it felt silly, but at least it’s genuine. For the people that already used their vote on me, I feel like I have to try everything I can to at least get in the #4 spot.

By now, I hope I’ve convinced you that accountability is important to me in the way I’ve stuck to my principles, apologized for my mistakes, and worked to be better informed and open-minded. If I have, would you please share this video with somebody that hasn’t made up their mind yet, or even better, tell them that I’ll be at the tub on Thursday 5-6p and Boese on Friday 5-6p to chat? Just look for the person in the yellow Libertarian shirt. I was harmed several times in the making of the video, so even if you don’t like me as a candidate, I hope you enjoy the bloopers. The following is the video transcript.

Hey Los Alamos, my name is James Wernicke and I’m running for County Council. If you want someone who listens to the people and isn’t afraid to act on behalf of the people, vote for James Wernicke on or before November 8. As an active worker, parent, entrepreneur, volunteer, and public board member, I’ll represent the diverse needs of today’s Los Alamos community.

Los Alamos is a great place to live if you’ve been working at the lab for a while, but while we have our ups, we also have our downs. Our current leadership doesn’t seem to care what we think if it doesn’t agree with their agendas. It’s time for a new way of thinking in government that allows taking risks to try new ideas that will help the people.

It’s rough riding if you work here and want to find a home or want to start a business. To that end, I’ll support policies that will allow us to build more housing, open more businesses, and thrive as a community. While I support growth, we have to balance it with the environment and culture that makes Los Alamos special.

I’ll support investments that fairly allocate resources to the members of the community they support. I’ll listen carefully to what the citizens have to say and won’t use the public comment for my own agenda.

As a libertarian, I believe in limited government that stays out of your business. I don’t serve the status quo and I’ll let you live your life in peace like having a trampoline in your backyard, building materials, using tarps to cover whatever you want, or using your trails responsibly.

People like my point of view, but they have a hard time voting for a third party. That’s why I need you to tell your friends and neighbors that if you want somebody who’s open to change, will hold the government accountable to the people, and is passionate about making Los Alamos a more awesome place to live, work, and play, vote for James Wernicke for Los Alamos County Council on or before November 8.

Visit nmvote.org for information on where to vote and how to register.