LAHS Students Emma Frost And Karl Sinkula Participate In 2022 Model International Criminal Court In Krzyzowa, Poland

LAHS students Emma Frost and Karl Sinkula pose in Wroclaw, Poland. They were selected to participate in the 2022 Model UN Criminal Court in Krzyzowa, Poland. Courtesy photo


Los Alamos High School students Karl Sinkula and Emma Frost had the honor of participating in the 2022 Model  

International Criminal Court in Krzyzowa, Poland earlier this month. The two were selected along with eight other students from Santa Fe and Albuquerque for the program sponsored by New Mexico Human Rights Project (NMHRP). 

Sinkula, a senior, and Frost, a junior, collaborated with teammates from Germany, Poland and Israel in a simulation of International Criminal Court (ICC) trials. Sinkula served as Presiding Judge on the Nuremberg mock trial of Frederick Flick, a Nazi-era industrialist. He was fascinated by the “complex workings of international law.” 

Frost served on the Rwandan Tribunal as Prosecutor for Simon Bikinidi, a Hutu musician who assisted in extremist propaganda during the genocide. Frost loved the work of going into depth in the case.

“I found it compelling that an individual could invoke that much destruction without actually being involved in the conflict,” she said. 

They were selected for the program last May and spent the summer preparing. NMHRP has partnered since 2013 with the Kreisau-Initiative e.V., Berlin. The weeklong trip  included a tour of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and Poland’s university town of Wroclaw.