White Rock Author Phil Rink’s 10th Jimi & Isaac’ Book Released

‘Assistance Dog”, the 10th book in the Jimi & Isaac series has been released. Courtesy photo


White Rock author Phil Rink has just released “Jimi & Isaac – 2b:Assistance Dog”, his 10th book in the Jimi & Isaac series.

Jimi didn’t plan on raising a puppy, especially a puppy that can take care of people that need help. Sometimes things just happen. Now his summer is all booked up.

Isaac thinks training a puppy to be an assistance dog is a complete waste of time. He thinks building and training a robot would be a better way to spend the summer. Actually, he thinks Jimi should build and train a robot.

Of course, neither of them has any idea what they are doing. So maybe the puppy will have to show both Jimi and Isaac how to grow up and be useful.

There are 10 Jimi & Isaac Books. Each book stands on its own, and they can be read in any order. Each book is about a topic and explores that topic in detail. For instance, Curve Ball is about the details of competitive baseball. Cow Poop is about farming. Assistance Dog is about the details of raising a puppy to become a service dog.

Our mission is to get all kids reading. The books are fast moving with short sentences and short chapters. Readers of all ages will learn something new in each book.

Jimi & Isaac Books are carried in public, elementary and middle school libraries across the country, and all are available thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and Ingram book sellers. There are more details on the website at www.jimiandisaacbooks.com.

Phil Rink is a professional Mechanical Engineer, inventor (11 patents so far), entrepreneur, and science and soccer coach. He also published a book on sailing the Caribbean, several magazine articles, and a few professional papers. He lives in White Rock, NM.