Free Public Concert Thursday To Celebrate The Season: Four Shillings Short At Fuller Lodge

Four Shillings Short plays Thursday at Fuller Lodge. Courtesy photo


The staff at Mesa Public Library presents Four Shillings Short for a  live concert at Fuller Lodge on Thursday, Nov. 3 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This event is free  to the public and is appropriate for all ages. Doors open at 6pm 

Enjoy a festive concert to celebrate the Celtic Bonfire Festival of Samhain. Rooted in Celtic and  American folk music, Four Shillings Short is a husband-and-wife duo who have been performing  together since 1995. Aodh Og O’Tuama from Cork, Ireland, and Christy Martin from California,  perform 150 concerts per year throughout the US and Ireland and have produced 12 recordings  to date. Their unique sound includes a wide range of instruments, including banjos, guitars, tin  whistles, the doumbek, dulcimers, spoons, gemshorn, bowed psaltery, recorders, crumhorn,  Native American Flutes, percussion, and more! Some locals may remember their performance at  Ashely Pond in October of 2021 (also hosted by Mesa Public Library).  

The Celtic bonfire festival of Samhain (Gaelic for “the summer’s end) is also known as Féile na Marbh (the Feast of the Dead) and marks the end of harvest season, the Celtic New Year, and the  beginning of winter. It is traditionally celebrated at the end of October and beginning of  November, and in celebration, this Samhain concert brings together music, folklore, and stories  that link our modern-day harvest celebrations and customs with this ancient bonfire festival. 

This program is made possible by Friends of Los Alamos County Libraries. For more  information, please visit the library’s event calendar at