We Support Suzie Havemann For County Council

White Rock

My name is Emily Kluk and I would like to encourage the voters of Los Alamos County to vote for Suzie Havemann for County Council.  I have known Suzie for 47 years now and feel that I am well qualified to speak to her tremendous work ethic, integrity, and good character.

Suzie only knows one speed and that is full-speed-ahead.  Once she decided to pursue running for Council, she started preparing like crazy by meeting with community leaders, attending county-wide meetings, and going door-to-door to hear from residents about their concerns for Los Alamos and White Rock.

Her diverse professional occupations make her highly qualified to bring a unique perspective to the issues facing Los Alamos County.  She worked at LANL, Los Alamos County, Chamber of Commerce, and as a Realtor so she is very knowledgeable about a variety of topics and has a huge network of current and former colleagues that she can use as resources.  Suzie is since retired, and ready to pour her endless energy into serving the good residents of this community.

Suzie went to school here (Cumbres Junior High, LAHS) and along with her husband, Scott, raised their boys here who also attended Los Alamos Public Schools.  She is familiar with the dynamics between LAPS, LANL, and the County and will be a great representative to navigate through any challenging situations that might arise.  The Havemanns are also avid sports/outdoors enthusiasts and have been involved with soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, skiing, hiking, and biking, and enjoy the many activities that Los Alamos has to offer.

Beyond her unique qualifications and hard-work and determination, Suzie is just a very pleasant person to be around and to collaborate with.  She is a great listener and problem-solver and has an amazing attribute of making you feel like you are the most important person in the room.   Please join me and my husband, Mike Kluk, in supporting Suzie Havemann for Council.