Re-Elect Randall Ryti For Council


We first met Randall Ryti when he knocked on our door in 2018, asking for support for his Council run at the time. Sometimes for candidates these door-knocks are very quick, but not when you knock on the door of a Nakhleh house, because we are talkers. We had many questions for him and he cheerfully took the time to chat with us about the issues that concerned us. Neither of us knew anything about him at the time, but we were impressed with him and voting for him was an easy, clear choice.

We’ve been very happy with him since. We’ve seen his professional, mature leadership at work for 4 years now, leadership that took him to the Council Chair position. I (Stephanie) have worked with Randy while serving on two boards/commissions, and have seen him handle challenging issues with empathy and clarity. I’ve also called him a few times with specific citizen concerns, such as the weed invasion last spring that erupted after the rains and choked off trails. He has always taken my calls. He takes everyone’s calls. He is truly interested in the everyday concerns of the citizens of this town.

Along those lines, another point of admiration: we’ve seen him, over the years, manage individual and group conflicts with real grace and a natural ability to find compromise where it’s warranted.  

Voting for Randy is an obvious choice. We took a chance voting for him the first time, but now we’ve seen how he does his job. He has integrity, intelligence, curiosity, a deep knowledge of the issues our county faces, and a contagious sense of calm.

Please join us in voting for Randall Ryti for County Council. He has the leadership skills Los Alamos needs.