Theresa Cull Would Make A Superb Public Servant

Los Alamos

While politics influence elections, the reason I believe Theresa Cull would make a superb public servant has nothing to do with her politics. Rather, it is because she embodies my ideal understanding of that role: she has unwavering integrity, she is civically oriented, charitable, and community-minded. Simultaneously, Theresa is unassuming and grounded. As an empathetic and intent listener, she will take seriously the needs and demands of all of her constituents.

I don’t remember whether I first met Theresa while she was watching her daughter’s NJROTC troop inspection or while she was picking her son up from dance class. Much of the Los Alamos community knows Theresa from the multitude of activities her kids engaged in – from wrestling, rugby and lacrosse to ballet, Olions and air rifle. And Theresa was ever the supportive parent: not only attending her own kids’ games, competitions and performances, but always trying to support the efforts of students throughout the community. 

Years after both of her children have graduated from LAHS and now in the dawn of her recent retirement from LANL, Theresa makes her fellow citizens her top priority. Theresa needs only to be asked and she shows up to lend a hand: judging a speech and debate tournament, selling goods for a fundraiser, collecting trash by the side of the road. If ever anyone needs help, Theresa is there. Service and support are fundamental to her being.

Theresa has a notably calm and sincere demeanor. I am certain that she will listen openly to anyone’s concerns, and while she may not be able to solve all the issues that arise in town, she will work steadfastly to address them. I trust her to be impartial and selfless in decision making. 

We all have visions of the direction in which we’d like Los Alamos to move, and in voting we put those hopes in our candidates. It’s a tall order for an elected official, but if there is someone who can do the work tirelessly, earnestly, selflessly and intently but without any drama, it would be Theresa Cull.