Gary Stradling For Los Alamos County Council

Los Alamos

I have known Gary for many years while we both worked at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Gary was a straight up type of person that always seemed to follow through on what he said he would do.  He is compassionate about all people and their needs.

We need a better balance on the County Council with more conservatives on the council.  Gary would bring that to the table.  We need people who believe in helping small businesses in this community get started and stop weighing them down with more red tape and requirements that are not needed for a successful business.  It is nearly as if LA County Government considers small businesses an enemy.  I believe Gary will do all in his power to curtail this type of treatment.  This also means we must elect the other Republicans to the council, so they together, will have a more positive, conservative effect on this County Government.

Gary can bring everyone together in an amicable way as long as ALL councilors negotiate in a positive way.  We need more people on the County Council who want to accomplish positive things for the community without accusations and finger pointing.  So, elect Gary Stradling to the Los Alamos County Council.