Bathtub Row Releases Special Fall Harvest Beers With Local Connections

Bathtub Row Brewing Co-Op brewers are brewing special fall beers. Courtesy photo


Beer, good beer anyway, is an aesthetic. New brewers David and Adam are brewing delicious beer right here in Los Alamos, each telling a unique story through community collaborations, local ingredients, and stories of people, past and present. 

Katzman Apfelbier: In honor of our late great friend Danny Katzman, a beloved local cidermaker, whose friends shared 50 gallons of freshly-pressed, local apple juice which we blended into this lovely golden beer. 6.3% ABV 

Los Luceros Apple Ale: seasonal collaboration with Los Luceros, an official New Mexico Historic Site, brewed with acequia irrigated Spanish heirloom apples picked at their Fall Harvest Festival. A complex red ale with English specialty malts, oatmeal, molasses, and over 20% freshly-pressed apple cider. 5.1% ABV, 

New Mexico Red Chile Stout: We added a full 5 lb bag of Hatch red chile pods to this malty, roasty American stout. Full of flavor, not just heat! Not brewed since 2016, but this remains one of our highest rated beers of all time. 6.0% ABV 

Owl Peak Blue Corn Lager: A collaboration with Owl Peak Farm in La Madera, a registered 501(c)(3) who support land restoration, water conservation, fair labor, and community development in our Northern New Mexico high desert. Their local, organic, heritage blue corn makes up 25% of this crushable pale lager. Very light and refreshing with a subtle blue-ish hue. 5.4% ABV 

Prickly Pear Sour: Pucker up to our all-new fruited Berliner Weiss with a multigrain New Mexico twist! Contains barley, wheat, corn, oats, 40 lbs of prickly pear puree and some hibiscus flowers to enhance the pink color and fruity/floral bouquet. Soft and grainy, oddly fruity, noticeably sour. A fine haze with a blush of fruit, thirst-quenching finish. 4.2% ABV 

Wine Grape Wild Ale: Ken and Melanie Suazo grow Merlot grapes from old Spanish rootstock right here in Española, and they’ve generously shared their harvest. We destemmed, macerated, and pressed them, then brewed a Franco-Belgian style table beer onto the spontaneous fermentation of wild yeast from the grapeskins. Hazy golden with a faint pink hue when held to the light. Grainy, fruity, farmhousy hints of black pepper, clove, and a tannic red wine bouquet which is somehow both delicate and robust. 6.6% ABV 

Witrock: A local favorite brew, Witrock (get it, like White Rock?) is our take on a classic Belgian Witbier except with a New Mexico twist, spiced with organic co-op orange peel, locally foraged juniper berries and wild yeast. Pale golden color with spritzy white foam, soft wheat bread mouthfeel, hints of black pepper and clove, fruity and floral, aromatic and refreshing. 5.3% ABV 

These brews are all in different stages of fermentation, so they won’t all be available at the exact same time, but our website is constantly updated to show what is currently on tap. 

Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op began with a simple idea: create a brewery and taproom in Los Alamos as a place for the community to gather and enjoy great, locally brewed beer. We wanted to create a place for the members of the Los Alamos community to gather, relax in a comfortable atmosphere, read, talk, be alone or in a small group — and enjoy delicious local beer. The vision evokes a small, Old World neighborhood pub where fresh beer is brewed on premises and is as much a vital part of the community’s spirit as is the togetherness of the gathering.