In Support Of Suzie Havemann For County Council

White Rock

My wife, Linda, and I are writing this letter in strong and enthusiastic support of Suzie Havemann. We have voted early, we voted for Suzie, and we encourage you as fellow voters to vote for her as well. We have known Suzie for a combined 45 years. In that time we have come to know and appreciate Suzie as an intelligent, witty, compassionate, respectful, inquisitive and highly approachable individual. Her energy and her work ethic are boundless!  

We have witnessed many times when Suzie really wanted to understand differing perspectives and opinions on various issues than her own—indeed, she seemed most curious to understand the reasoning behind perspectives that differ from her own. We’ve heard her say multiple times, “I want to understand how and why they’ve come to that conclusion.”  This is an important trait to have in a county councilor.

Suzie has a well outlined platform. There is quite a bit of information on her ideas, her beliefs, and her hopes for Los Alamos at or at her Suzie4council Facebook page. She has taken the time and effort to attend various candidate forums to vocalize her thoughts, and always makes it clear that above all, she wants to hear her constituents thoughts and ideas. 

Suzie grew-up in Los Alamos. When it became time to raise a family, she and her husband, Scott, decided to move to Los Alamos. Both of them were full-time professionals who juggled childcare and other demands on their family. Suzie is a former executive director for the Chamber of Commerce; she understands the challenges and worked hard to advocate for small businesses and will work hard in the future to do the same as our County Councilor. 

Suzie is a former realtor who worked diligently for individuals and families in purchasing their homes. She helped us find and purchase our present home. She understands the challenges in our quirky market. Again, we urge you to read her thoughts on housing at her website.

Suzie has retired to care for her aging parents. She has lived the challenges, issues, and heartbreak that comes with embracing that role.

Perhaps the most important attribute of Suzie is that she is research oriented and likes to do her homework. For the past many months, she has met with many small and large business owners/leaders, leaders of non-profits, leaders of education and youth groups. She has walked many neighborhoods, knocked on many doors to hear your concerns, and share her ideas. Suzie realizes that Los Alamos has many challenges upcoming that are incredibly important; not just one. She is not a one issue candidate but understands that there are many issues concerning we who call Los Alamos and White Rock home. 

Suzie will hear you. Suzie will not dismiss you. We hope you will take the time to read more about her. Or even, just knock on her door! Again, please visit her websites: , and on Facebook, at suzie4council for detailed information on her platform and ideas for improvement. 

Please vote. And for continued improvement and sustainability for Los Alamos county, please vote for Suzie Havemann.