Hand: Response To Lisa Shin’s Letter On Nuisance Code

Democratic Candidate for
Los Alamos County Council

In response to Lisa Shin’s letter to the editor on October 23, I am happy to respond.  I have been responding to questions and inquiries from the public about the Nuisance Code for the past few months.  In addition, more detailed information from the Council Session that was held on August 30 will help identify all Councilor’s positions on more specific topics that have been discussed.  Any citizen can review Council session videotapes after the meeting.  Go to: County of Los Alamos – Calendar (legistar.com) and type in Nuisance Code in the Search box to view all sessions in 2022 about the Nuisance code.  You will hear my comments and Council Chair Ryti’s comments throughout the meeting to get an idea where we stand on Nuisance Code topics.

In short, I support public health and safety and I don’t think it is appropriate or fair to our citizens to convert our county into an “HOA”.  I also support the process of gathering input throughout our community to determine the best path forward for updates to our code.  I listen to professional experts and consider other facts and data.  I have heard significant amounts of adverse input and fear that Los Alamos County will become an HOA, which is why I don’t think it will become one. Regardless, I understand the fears that some citizen’s think they will lose their freedom to use their property as they choose even if it doesn’t violate public safety and health.  I appreciate freedom to choose how I live and maintain my property, yet I respect the need to keep the public safe.

As stated in previous articles, “the nuisance code specifically addresses weeds, outdoor storage, dilapidation, refuse and rubbish, and other threats to public health, safety, and welfare on private property. This project is the first comprehensive update to this section within the Los Alamos Code of Ordinance Chapter 18 Environment Article II.

The intent is to clarify the existing standards that were already in place,

  • Improve overall organization and structure of the existing code,
  • Prioritize and classify nuisances,
  • Clarify code enforcement goals of Los Alamos County, and
  • Align code enforcement procedures to County priorities

Feedback from CDAB representatives and councilors along with applicable public comments will be incorporated into a nuisance ordinance by CDD staff.  Councilors will consider adoption of the ordinance at a public hearing after all comments from Los Alamos County citizens, CDAB, and Councilors have been incorporated or addressed.

For more information, interested individuals can visit the Chapter 18 Nuisance Code Update webpage or call CDD at (505) 662-8120.

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