Community Invited To ‘Girl Scouting During The Manhattan Project And After’ Exhibit Oct. 31

Los Alamos

A new exhibit is opening in the History Museum cases in the Los Alamos Municipal Building at the end of October, and you are invited! This project completes the Girl Scout Silver Award for McKenzie Gerlicher.

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award that a Cadette Girl Scout can earn and is accomplished by completing a large service project that makes the world a better place. For this exhibit, McKenzie found many different artifacts and pictures from women and relatives of the women who were Girl Scouts here during the Manhattan and Cold War periods. They were not allowed to register here in Los Alamos to keep Los Alamos a secret, so they weren’t an official troop. They had only nine girls at the start, but in the Cold War period, that number grew. They started doing more activities and even had their own “headquarters” called the Girl Scout Little House. They used the Little House to host events and activities.

To learn more, come to the opening of ‘Girl Scouting During the Manhattan Project…And After’ in the Los Alamos Municipal Building from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., on Monday, October 31, 2022.