Women’s Health Workshop On Foundational Postpartum Recovery Set For Nov. 4


Almost 1.2 million women in the US have a C-section, and they leave the hospital with the advice; don’t lift anything heavier than the baby for six weeks (yes, that includes the baby in the car seat). After six weeks women are told to “go back to things you did before pregnancy as normal”. This is despite having  just undergone major surgery. After surgery there should be a rest period, and an escalating plan for going back to “normal”. 

Going back to normal after giving birth (by c section or natural birth) can be both hard and intimidating. If you do the correct pelvic floor exercises this can be effective in decreasing postpartum urinary incontinence and possibly other afflictions as well. Read article here.

The Family YMCA is proud to announce our Fundamental Postpartum Workshop with Dr. Desiree Cassell. Women who  are postpartum (day one or decades later, once postpartum, always postpartum) are welcome to sign up for this two hour workshop, Friday 11/4 10-12.

Register by stopping by The Family YMCA, or calling (505) 662 3100 or sign up online