Rotary Friendship Exchange Visitors From New York Hosted By Local Club

Rotary Club President Alison Pannell exchanges Rotary Club banners with Rotary Friendship Exchange visitors from New York.  From left to right are Pannell, Lisa Norwood, Rochester; John and Maureen Hall, Fairport; Cat Jensen, Avon; Bob and Barb Howard, Bloomfield; and Dick and Roz DuBois, Elmira. Photo by Linda Hull

Rotary Friendship Exchange visitors from New York stopped at Overlook Park in White Rock to see the Rio Grande below.  Left to right:  Dick DuBois, Lisa Norwood, Roz DuBois, and Bob and Barb Howard. Photo by Kateri Morris

Rotarians visiting from New York hiked Bandelier National Monument’s trails with Los Alamos Rotarians during a recent friendship exchange. Photo by Kateri Morris