Vote For Randall Ryti

White Rock

Randall Ryti is the current chair of the County Council and is running for re-election. We will be happily casting our vote for him, and we encourage others to do the same. He has the experience on Council that is needed and has shown a willingness to listen to public input.

We don’t always agree with the decisions Councilor Ryti makes. We would be a little worried if we agreed with someone 100% of the time. What makes us happy to cast our vote for Randall in this instance is his willingness to discuss issues, no matter which side he is on. We have talked to Randall both before and after he has made votes we have disagreed with, and he has listened to our concerns every single time.

Councilor Ryti makes us feel heard. He listens intently to his constituents’ positions and decides based on the facts as well as public feedback. He subscribes to the notion that he works for the people of the community, and that is a trait we need to cement on council. 

Councilor Ryti has a firm grasp of current issues facing the county. He has four years of experience building relationships and working with county staff to work towards progress for the county. He knows who to go to when things need to be addressed quickly. This is an invaluable tool that we need to keep on council. 

We hope you will join us in casting your vote for Randall Ryti for County Council.