In Support Of Suzie Havemann

Steve, Aimee, Maya and Ian

We are writing to endorse and offer our full support for Suzie Havemann for County Council.

We have known Suzie for 15 years.  In fact, we “met” before even moving here.  Our family relocated from England, and while looking online for rental housing, I reached out to her for advice.  She was friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive.  Once we arrived here, she welcomed us and helped us get on our feet.  Several years later, she helped us negotiate an amazing deal to buy our home.  This involved a non-standard and highly creative purchase agreement that worked to the benefit of both our family and the sellers, while we waited for an offer for a full time staff position at the lab. 

We have continually been impressed with Suzie’s commitment to Los Alamos, her engagement in politics, the environment, and our community.  Since we have known Suzie, she has continued to further educate herself on local, regional, and global issues.  She is constantly reading, listening to podcasts, taking classes, and engaging with other political leaders.  She is not someone who will sit idly by, wishing or hoping that things might change.  She is not afraid to jump in, learn about all sides of an issue, and offer fresh perspective as well as the energy and enthusiasm to make changes for the good of the community.

We particularly appreciated Suzie’s latest letter,

in which she describes meeting someone who was NOT going to vote for her.  They ended up having a great conversation and learning from one another.  This other person was engaged, active, and paying attention to the issues and Suzie’s response to that was, “I love it!”.  This is a quality you don’t find in many political candidates these days.  She truly does believe that civic engagement is of utmost importance, whether you agree with her views or not.  

We are grateful for people like Suzie, who are willing to jump into the political arena during such turbulent times.  We are certain that when Suzie is on the County Council we will all have an ally in her.  She will continue to listen, learn, and lead Los Alamos towards a better future.

Early voting is in process, so please go and vote! It’s quick, easy, your right, and everyone’s civic duty.

For more information on Suzie Havemann please visit: