Samizdat Bookstore Announces Board Game And TTRPG Nights


Samizdat Bookstore and Teahouse is pleased to announce game nights! Our hosts, Jose Ortega and Alister Stewart, guide new and veteran players through a series of board games and indie tabletop role playing games. 

Jose is running Halloween-themed sessions of the newest edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill, a fantastic game for the spooky season! Spin a tale of intrigue as you and your friends explore the sprawling and maze-like House On The Hill. Arm yourselves with improvised and mystical items to survive terrifying events. Prepare for your fellow adventurers’ inevitable betrayal that will haunt you to your very core. They say that The House On The Hill always wins, but it’s up to you to prove them wrong. 

Alister is guiding players through Babes in the Wood, where gamers play as kids, sentient toys, or animals who explore their hometown woods on Halloween night, encountering magical forest folk all while something darker lurks just out of sight. This TTRPG is based on the Powered by the Apocalypse system. Powered by the Apocalypse centers storytelling, character interactions, roleplaying, and creativity. It is one of the more beginner-friendly roleplaying game systems. This system will be used in future game nights featuring TTRPGs such as Thirsty Sword Lesbians and Monster of the Week. 

Finally, please join us at 6pm on Halloween night for a horrific tale of Dread, a roleplaying game where a Jenga tower is used to heighten the tensions of your character. This game requires no previous knowledge of rpg systems and is perfect for people who want to have a thrilling night to remember. (We request that players be age 18+ for Dread.)

Jose and Alister work to make an inclusive and welcoming environment for all players, regardless of skill level or experience. 

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Saturdays 4pm – 9pm, hosted by Jose

Babes in the Wood: Sundays 4 pm – 9pm, hosted by Alister

Dread: Monday, October 31, 6 pm – ?, hosted by Jose

Cost: $10 per player (this fee helps us cover the cost of paying our hosts for their work)

For more information you can join our Discord. Please text 505-412-0238 for an invitation link or email