Endorsement For Sharon Dry For Los Alamos County Council


We, the undersigned, have known Sharon Dry as a longtime member of the Los Alamos  community. We endorse her for County Council, and we ask you to vote for Sharon on  November 8. Sharon understands the nuances of living in Los Alamos since she has lived in the  county for most of her life. 

Sharon has been active in the community and has served in many local organizations since her  childhood. She worked alongside leaders and youth from Los Alamos to build homes in Mexico  with the United Church. She served our local youth for several years with Young Life and as a  Girl Scout leader. Most recently, Sharon served with the Los Alamos County Board of  Registration and the Canvassing Board.  

Sharon has demonstrated that she is genuinely committed to living and working in our  community. She began her working life in Los Alamos as a teenage assistant to her father Robert  Cake, who was a local pharmacist for more than 30 years. She worked at our town’s  mainstays, Metzger’s True Value and Los Alamos National Bank before it was purchased by  Enterprise Bank, and for local attorneys. Sharon also has experience as a business owner. She  rounded out her career with more than 20 years of service to LANL as a patent paralegal. 

Sharon brings many valued skill sets, as well as integrity and honesty. She works hard and  enthusiastically and will be engaged in the issues and opportunities of our unique community. We know she will apply her critical thinking and problem-solving skills to serving Los Alamos. 

Sharon has four family generations living in Los Alamos. She is devoted to her family and cares  about their needs. She will listen to your family’s concerns and will vote accordingly. She has  expressed to each of us her commitment to getting local businesses growing again.  

We believe that Sharon Dry is the most genuinely committed candidate on the ballot for County  Council. We wholeheartedly endorse Sharon, and we encourage every local voter to vote for  Sharon Dry on November 8. 

Thank you, 

Sharla Dempsey Charlene Hutchison 

Mike Dempsey Will Hutchison 

Bennie Glover Ellen Ballard 

Roger Glover Sondra Wyman 

Robin Naffziger Lorina Justus 

Peter Naffziger David Hampton 

Lori Hinojosa Lisa Hampton 

Bob Poe Phil Rink 

Wanda Poe Nancy Rink 

Sharon Seitz Joshua Muck 

Jolyn McTeigue Heather Muck 

Beverly Bender Charles Bonner 

Brent Talley Dee Dee Bonner 

Nancy Talley Jan White 

Marilyn Pruitt Christian Stone