Where County Council Candidates Stand On Conservation Issues

Pajarito Conservation Alliance
(A non-partisan 501c4 organization)

Dear Editor & Community:

The Pajarito Conservation Alliance (PCA) recently completed gathering responses to a questionnaire sent to all County Council candidates to gather their statements on conservation issues affecting all of us in Los Alamos.  Verbatim candidate responses are available as public information on the PCA website at https://pajarito.org/news/2022/10/16/2022-election-interviews

PCA focuses on information, advocacy, and volunteer work to protect the ecosystems and outdoor experience of the Pajarito Plateau. Candidates were asked a set of questions including “What do you believe makes Los Alamos County special?”, “How do you think we should balance making Los Alamos County appeal to tourists vs. serving the outdoor recreation interests of local citizens?”, and “What distinguishes you from the other candidate(s) on conservation issues and natural resource management?”

Please read the information at the link and consider the candidate responses as you make your decisions about voting in the ongoing 2022 election.