Kim Richey To Perform Nov. 4 At Fuller Lodge

Kim Richey is slated to perform Nov. 4 at Fuller Lodge. Courtesy photo


When Kim Richey last played to a packed house at Fuller Lodge, COVID-19 was not yet a reality. A paying crowd beckoning an artist back for an encore in mid-June, when free concerts on Fridays are the norm in Los Alamos, was quite a sight to see. Richey would return to the stage for another two songs and would leave Los Alamos thanking its residents for making her stay so comfortable and welcoming. On the heels of a European tour, Los Alamos is one of the cities chosen to be included on Richey’s latest US tour. 

Richey will bring a collection of new songs to add to the library of classics that made her legendary in Nashville. Her own nomination for a Grammy Award is enhanced by the praise heaped upon her by multiple Grammy Award Winner, Brandi Carlisle, who credits Kim Richey with introducing her to the vocal nuances that make her own voice so remarkable. Carlisle is a huge fan of our soon-to-(re)visit guest. 

Kim Richey will play at Fuller Lodge on Friday, Nov. 4. Doors at the venue will open at 6:00 p.m., at which time dinner and beer and wine service will be available. Music is slated to begin at 7:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at Los Alamos Schools Credit Union for $20 or can be purchased online at for $23.50. Cost will be $25 at the door.