Endorsing Randall Ryti

Los Alamos

This afternoon I voted for Randall Ryti for Los Alamos County Council. I’m writing to encourage all other voters in the County to do the same.  At his campaign website (https://www.ryti4council.com/issues) Councilor Ryti describes his positions on four issues that he believes are priorities for the County, namely: Housing, Public Health, Environment, and Local Business.  While Councilor Ryti’s efforts on these issues have been valuable, I join with others who have written to support Councilor Ryti (namely: The Kellers, David Hampton, John
McCann, James Robinson, and Brandi Engeman) in emphasizing his accessibility.  He solicits contact with County residents, listens to them and responds.

I focus my local advocacy effort on getting Los Alamos County to take charge of ensuring that we have access to high quality broadband at a reasonable cost.  I am particularly concerned about privacy and freedom.  By freedom, I mean the issues of net-neutrality and requiring ISPs to be common carriers so that there is no censorship or special treatment of traffic based on content.  The discussion of broadband at two County Council meetings in the fall of 2020 persuaded me to launch the website blabnow.blog.  As I launched the site, I learned that Councilor Ryti had put broadband on the Council agenda.

Every time that I try to contact Councilor Ryti he is available.  He always returns phone calls.  When I talk to him about broadband, I am impressed that he understands the sometimes complicated issues that concern me.

Once again, Randall Ryti is a responsive proven leader who cares about Los Alamos.  I encourage you to vote for him for County Council.